Multi-scale Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (mPOD) wins MST Best Paper award of 2020

The collaboration with the von Karman Institute, Belgium (VKI) published in Measurement Science and Technology won the publication’s Outstanding Paper Award for 2020 in the field of Fluid Mechanics

March 2021 by D. Hess and B. B. Watz

Together with our partner from VKI, we have been working on testing a novel modal decomposition approach for transient flows to experimental fluid mechanics. The advantage of the mPOD is that the user can specify different filter bands, thereby a compromise between decomposition convergence and spectral purity of the different modes can be found.

Dantec Multi-scale Proper Orthogonal Decomposition paper
Multi-scale Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Bands and Spectra graph
1 mPOD filter bands and spectra

Applied on a cylinder flow, this was first presented in 2019 at the ISPIV2019. The success of this presentation and paper led to it being selected to be published in MST where the final work again received high attention.

This specific way of modal decomposition will be available in DynamicStudio from the next release, so stay tuned for more news coming up on this topic very soon.

Recent publications about mPOD

MST awarded Paper: Multiscale proper orthogonal decomposition (mPOD) of TR-PIV data—a case study on stationary and transient cylinder wake flows – IOPscience

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