Mixed-brand solutions for PIV, LDV, PDPA, PLIF, Hot-Wire Anemometry and Spray Diagnostics

Do you have an unsupported PIV, Shadow, PLIF or MicroPIV system that you want to retain and keep up to date?

We can help by driving your hardware directly from the DynamicStudio imaging software platform, which supports 100+ cameras, several synchronizers, and numerous lasers that other vendors have previously provided. Read more on Mixed-brand imaging solutions

If you have an unsupported LDV or PDPA system, we can create a mixed-brand solution with you so that you won’t need to replace the whole system if something breaks down.
For example: if your laser/beam generator is defective, you will be able to use your existing fiberoptical LDV transceiver probe with our FiberFlow Laser Transmitter.
Read more on Mixed-brand LDV solutions
Read more on Mixed-brand PDPA solutions

If you have an unsupported HWA system, you can retain the anemometer and use Dantec hot-wire or hot-film probes. If the anemometer fails, you can replace it with one of our CTA solutions.

We also offer a stand-alone calibrator solution for calibration probes in air at velocities up to 300 m/s