Meshless Tracking Assimilation for 3D PTV – Paper available at MST

High quality 3D Data Assimilation – The key to unlock details of your flow.

To compute derivatives from 3D PTV data, the particle tracks must be converted onto a regular grid. Linear interpolations fail to properly reconstruct the flow field, especially when the raw track contains noise or few particles.

Meshless Track Assimilation (MTA) from Dantec Dynamics offers a new approach to extract velocities, gradients, vortex criteria and pressures from PTV flow fields. The calculated values can then be plotted on any grid spacing desired. It is the ideal processing routine for 3D PTV results.

First presented at the 2023 Flow Visualization conference in Delft, the conference contribution got selected as a paper for Journal publication, and now the MST paper is available in the link below.

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