Major update of our imaging software: DynamicStudio 8.0

We celebrate our 75th company anniversary with a major new version of DynamicStudio with an updated user interface, the data format optimized for fast processing, and a global coordinate system to simplify PIV, LIF, Shadow and flow visualization techniques.

The new ribbon-based UI does not only modernize the look and feel of DynamicStudio, it also simplifies and streamlines the interaction with it.
DynamicStudio now offers more guidance all the way from planning a measurement to exporting plots and images. 

New ribbon-based UI in DynamicStudio

As a long time DynamicStudio user you will still feel familiar with the software: you can still decide which kind of interaction you want to use. The old way by right mouse click interaction is still applicable.

Furthermore, the speed of the analysis engine has been optimized for modern PCs with multicore CPUs and GPUs. In tests we have seen speed improvements of up to 8 times, significantly reducing the time needed for analysis.

Changes were also made to the Aquisition Manager, where now any parameter from any device in the aqcuisition system can be varied automatically. This makes it easier to automate measurements for instance in MicroPIV with the Stereo Microscope, if you want to measure in different z-planes.

Finally, we introduce the new Fourier Mode Decomposition (FMD) as an additional tool to analyze the dominant modes and structures in a flow. Similar to POD and mPOD, the FMD fully separates the spacial modes from their frequencies.

Fourier Mode Decomposition (FMD) an additional tool to analyze the dominant modes and structures in a flow.

For more info please visit the DynamicStudio Page

If you are under warranty or have a Software Update Agreement, you can find the download here