Learn more on Shearography with free access to Dantec’s eLearning portal

Successful test solutions are typically achieved by excellent technology and a good knowledge base. User training and manuals having been the common traditional training methods utilized in the industry. We transfer knowledge about the application and deploy the new technology to engineers, end users/practitioners.

Although still very important, these methods have their limits. Specifically, being a unidirectional method for just a select group of people at one point in time. The drawback and implications have proven to be significant. The gained knowledge has shown over time to diminish. With people changing positions and information aging out, this has created its own issues. The initial investment of the technology as a result may not be utilized to its full potential.

Dantec’s e-Learning portal

With our E-learning portal, we have addressed these shortcomings for our DIC users. With the creation of this platform, we have observed customers taking classes and tests. Additionally, they are using the Forum and Questions area for professional exchange of technical information and troubleshooting. Other users are just professionals willing to learn and benefit from the technical or application insights gained.
Although Shearography has been around awhile, we see great interest to learn more about the technology and its numerous applications.
Therefore, we are announcing the offering of two online courses for interested parties in the Non Destructive Testing area.
A FREE six month access to this platform is granted when contacting Dantec Dynamics GmbH at elearning@dantecdynamics.com