Time Resolved Cameras

image of SpeedSense camera

A wide selection of high-speed cameras

With the VEO and the VEO E series, you get a framerate high enough to measure or visualize many of your flow phenomena. With a small form factor, these cameras are the top-sellers in our Time Resolved product portfolio. The wide range of cameras in the portfolio is ideal for applications such as Time resolved PIV, LIF, and spray characterization.

The SpeedSense xx12 and the xx40 series redefine the landscape of high-speed cameras with the strongest combination of high frame rate and high resolution available on the market. SpeedSense cameras offer researchers a solution for measurement applications that require both high temporal and spatial resolution. These cameras can almost see in the dark due to their ultra-high sensitivity (ISO 80,000D in the extended range) and high Quantum Efficiency (+50%), making more measurements possible in demanding low light situations than ever before.

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