Light Guiding Arms

image of Light guiding arm

Short light guiding arm for mini Nd:YAG lasers

Dantec Dynamics’ short mirror arm can be combined with a mini-Nd:YAG laser. It is equipped with miniature light-sheet optics, making it compact and easy to use. Applications include particle image velocimetry, planar laser-induced fluorescence, and flow-visualisation studies.

image of short light guiding arm

The light guiding arm is particularly suitable for flow-field measurements in confined spaces where it is difficult to launch a light sheet and in experiments in which the laser must be separated from the flow rig because of vibration (e.g. combustion research)

High power light-guiding arm for PIV

The light-guiding arm is the ideal product for PIV applications requiring high pulse energy and a short interval between pulses. The alignment system offers infinite flexibility in terms of positioning.

image of high power light guiding arm

High user-safety is built into the design – a vital consideration, due to the powerful peak pulse energy emitted by the laser light source.

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