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image of HiSense Zyla camera
HiSense Zyla

HiSense Zyla

The HiSense Zyla is the 2nd generation of sCMOS cameras and makes use of the latest achievements in sensor development – the Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) technology. This new camera is unique in its ability to simultaneously offer ultra-low noise (1.7 e-), extremely fast frame rates (50 Hz in global shutter mode), wide dynamic range (>25,000), high resolution (5.5 MP) and a large field of view. All this comes to you with a maximum quantum efficiency of 60%. This makes the HiSense Zyla the ideal camera for all imaging applications like PIV or intensity based measurements.

The HiSense Zyla brings to you the best of CCD, CMOS and EMCCD technology – and more. You will immediately see the difference in your images and you will benefit from, for example, larger measurement areas with the same laser energy, fewer spurious vectors, and more precise scalar measurements.

image of FlowSense EO camera
FlowSense EO

FlowSense EO Series

The FlowSense EO series offers models ranging from 0.25 MP all the way up to 29 MP resolution to accommodate any PIV application. With the 4M-41 camera which reaches 41 fps, you can run 15Hz double pulse lasers at their maximum repetition rate. With the 29 MP camera, up to 1,798,800 vectors can be computed, resulting in an unprecedented spatial resolution. With one of the new additions, the 2M-140 camera, you can do time resolved PIV measurements in low velocity applications. Based on the latest CCD sensor technology and advanced electronics, these cameras offer features like tap balancing, single and dual tap read out, and for the –XX series, even 4-tap readout, horizontal and vertical binning, combined ROI and binning, two dimensional flat field correction, defective and hot pixel correction, and dynamic black level correction.

image of FlowSense CX camera
FlowSense CX

FlowSense CX Series

The CoaXPress interface and new Camera sensor technology fulfill the dream: high resolution and high framerate at the same time. The new CoaXPress interface handles data transfer rates up to 3125 MB/s.

The cameras in this series are versatile tools when it comes to resolution and framerate. While in earlier times you had to choose between spatial or temporal resolution, the FlowSense CX series offers both! The FlowSense CX 4M-563 camera offering more than 500 fps at 4MP is the perfect solution for TR measurements in water channels. The FlowSense CX 25M-80 offering 80 fps at 25MP resolve the smallest detail at the full repetition rate of high power PIV lasers.

image of FlowSense USB camera
FlowSense USB

FlowSense USB Series

The new FlowSense USB 2M-165 connects to the PC via a USB3 port, so no frame grabber is required. The FlowSense USB 2M-165 offers 165 fps at 1920 x 1200 px. With an outstanding quantum efficiency of above 70%, it is perfectly suited for the green wavelength of lasers and LEDs.

Its exceptional price/performance ratio makes it ideal for educational set-ups to make time resolved measurements in slow flows.

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