Introducing IPS for inkjet printhead quality control

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Introducing the IPS – Integrated PDA system for inkjet printhead quality control.

Inkjet printing is developing rapidly thanks to the fast development of electronics. New applications such as inkjet printing of miniature electronics, OLED display printing, the printing of sensors, etc. require extraordinary accuracy, resolution, and control of droplet size, velocity, and trajectory. Typically, every nozzle needs to be checked after a run with minimum downtime to ensure that the final product meets specs to avoid wasting time and material on a failed run.

The IPS meets these strict requirements and sets new frontiers for inkjet printing monitoring, calibration, and control. The laser-based measurement solution provides real-time information on every single droplet ejected from the print head nozzles. This on-the-fly information allows for the optimization of the ejection process parameters. As an integrated part of the ink-jet printing process, our solution helps create and maintain stable high-quality printing that allows the exploitation the full potential of your inkjet printing setup.

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