Fully automated spatial camera calibration with our new ActiveTarget & ActiveTarget Traverse

We are proudly launching a new, unique solution for spatial calibration of cameras: ActiveTarget and ActiveTarget Traverse. With automatic target detection and encoding of the LEDs’ positions, the DynamicStudio software automatically acquires calibration images and creates spatial calibrations for all connected cameras.

The ActiveTarget size is 200×200 mm and contains 20×20 active LED’s embedded in a semi-transparent surface coating, and several ActiveTargets can be combined to increase the effective target size and adapt it to the camera’s field of view.

The unique, waterproof ActiveTarget and Traverse are developed for fully automated and highly accurate spatial camera calibrations with a high degree of reproducibility. With the  ActiveTarget & ActiveTarget Traverse connected to a PIV system just press “calibrate” in DynamicStudio and the software handles the entire calibration process to convert camera pixels to real-world coordinates. Thereby human errors are minimized, and the time needed for a calibration is strongly reduced.

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