Flow visualization by Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS) introduced with DynamicStudio 7.2

This latest version of DynamicStudio offers a new technique to visualize density differences, Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS). We have added support for a range of new cameras and improved numerous features.

New features

  • Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS) visualization technique

BOS visualizes density gradients, caused by temperature or pressure changes. It is a simple and easy to use visualization technique for highlighting flow features in convective flows, mixing flows or flows with strong pressure gradients.

  • Support for ActiveTarget, a new product coming soon

The ActiveTarget will be a new revolutionary way to a simple, automated and repeatable spatial camera calibration. Stay tuned!

  • New camera

FlowSense GigE 1M-39 is a new camera with a 1.3 MP CCD sensor that runs up to 39 Hz. This camera is used in the recently launched FlexPIV system. For more information please visit the FlexPIV webpage

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