Laser Shearography FlawHunter NDT System

The Laser Shearography FlawHunter NDT System for fast & reliable inspection of large, sandwich, honeycomb, composite laminate, and bonded components.

FlawHunter NDT System
FlawHunter Laser Shearography NDT system with completely integrated pump and vacuum control presenting an Istra4D phase-map image of CFRP Laminate/Sandwich Component indicating localized impact damage and voids.

The FlawHunter NDT System is an integrated NDT inspection device, equipped with an advanced, high-resolution Laser Shearography sensor with a vacuum (partial) excitation system. Designed as a completely portable, stand-alone system, It can be used by one NDT technician or operator. The FlawHunter is ergonomic & easy-to-use and is equipped with a workflow-oriented, GUI-display, and left/right-hand button control. Regardless of the application, it provides reliable and resolute measurement results for in-field (service) NDT and quality control (post-production) operations.

The FlawHunter can be used on any material & surface provided a stable vacuum can be generated within the vacuum seal (viewable inspection area). Most suitable NDT applications are large-bodied components made from honeycomb, sandwich, laminate, or bonded (cross-section) constructions. Using the 4+4 Phase Shifting technique in conjunction with stable vacuum control via the integrated vacuum pump & controller, users can set the vacuum (pressure) level down to -11 kPa with a tolerance of +/- 0.05 kPa. The result yields measurement images with the best definition and clarity with minimal noise.

FlawHunter NDT System on a vertically mounted platform.
FlawHunter being used on a vertically mounted CFRP Laminate/Sandwich Component indicating multiple localized impact damage locations of disbonds and crushed cores.

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