Enhancing Time-Resolved Imaging Systems with the new DynamicStudio 7.1

We are proudly launching Dynamic Studio 7.1 with new and improved features as well as new hardware support.

We are enhancing Time-Resolved system performance with improvements of the OPD analysis, new temporal smoothing, improvements to the 2D PTV and feature tracking analysis methods, and finally support for the Photron WX 100 4 MP camera.

Additionally in DynamicStudio 7.1, we have added the support for double frames for the Shadow Tracking method, and enabled the import of RGB images which are converted to grayscale allowing further analysis. Furthermore, preparations were made for future new modal decomposition tools and new hardware. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

  • Enhancements of Time-Resolved systems
    • New temporal smoothing of vectors and scalars
    • Oscillating Pattern Decomposition (OPD) update
      • Now supports images, scalars and stereo PIV (2D3C) vectors
      • Animated display update
    • Feature tracking display update
    • Time-Resolved 2D PTV update
    • Shadow tracking update
      • Now supports double frame images
  • New hardware supported
    • Photron WX100 camera
    • Synchronizer
      • Window triggering on encoder position for phase resolved measurements on cyclic phenomena
      • Encoder noise elimination
  • Other new features
    • Import of RGB images, e.g. PIV raw images in BMP, .JPG ,PNG or TIFF format