Enhance volumetric velocimetry results with Volumetric Calibration Refinement

Good 3D calibrations are key to highly accurate volumetric measurements. The smaller the disparity between optical set-up and calibration model is, the better the measurement results will be!
Dantec Dynamics is proud to announce a new way to enhance your 3D calibrations. The basis is still a standard camera calibration. With a set of particle images, this initial calibration can be refined to disparities down to 0.05 pixel.

This allows you to measure in optically challenging environments, it enables you to deal with additional distortions, reduce the vibration influence or simply correct a calibration that changed because someone bumped into the cameras.

The Volumetric Calibration Refinement process is a reconstruction based approach. Particle volumes are reconstructed and projected back onto the camera plane, where a robust and fast planar correlation evaluates the disparities. Based on the disparities, the initial camera calibrations are corrected.

 No calibration refinement applied for Enhance volumetric velocimetry With calibration refinement applied -Enhance volumetric velocimetry
 No Calibration Refinement applied  With Calibration Refinement applied

Overview of Volumetric Velocimetry

Theoretical background of Volumetric Velocimetry

Visit the talk in Lisbon, or read the paper #95:
Brücker, Watz, Hess (2018): Volumetric Calibration Refinement using masked back projection and image correlation superposition; 19th Lisbon Laser Symposium, July 16 – 19, 2018