EduPIV – Turnkey, LED-based PIV system for educational use

Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) systems allow for non-intrusive optical measurements of velocity fields in flows. Historically, PIV has been out of reach for most educational laboratories due to cost and laser-safety concerns.
The EduPIV system offers a safe, affordable and turnkey solution for introducing students to this powerful technique. This system employs an LED-based illumination source which is safe and easy to operate while combining excellent reliability and performance.
Complete with all necessary hardware, software and table-top flow experiment, the EduPIV system can carry out simple PIV experiments and demonstrations without the need for any additional equipment. For data acquisition and flow analysis, the system comes with the full-featured version of DynamicStudio – the most comprehensive and powerful imaging software for optical velocity measurements.

LED-based PIV system
EduPIV – turnkey education PIV solution including flow loop, camera, LED light source and software

Key benefits

  • Time resolved PIV measurements for fluid mechanics laboratory courses
  • Student training – prepare students for PIV research during and after university
  • Safe operation with LED illumination – no lasers.
  • Full-featured DynamicStudio software to provide students with real-world PIV experience
  • Complete flow-loop and experiment with guided instructional video
  • Simple, flexible flow loop design; easy to add student-created experiments
  • Quick-swap 3D-printed nozzleRead more about EduPIV