DynamicStudio 6.3 release

Imaging Setup Assistant
The Imaging Setup Assistant (ISA) now fully supports camera arrangements where cameras are looking at the light sheet at an angle. To ensure proper focusing in such setups, the camera (image sensor) needs to be tilted relative to the lens – this is known as the Scheimpflug condition. To achieve this, Scheimpflug adaptors are mounted between the camera and the lens. The adaptors can be of two types 1) adjustment possible in one camera axis or 2) adjustment possible in two axes. ISA computes optimal setting of the Scheimpflug angles to ensure accurate measurements. Display options include:
• Light sheet position (on/off)
• Field-of-view (without/with Scheimpflug angle correction)
• Depth-of-field (without/with Scheimpflug angle correction)

Example: use of ISA for StereoPIV
The frist image shows the overlapping field-of-view at the light sheet (not shown). In the second and third images the Depth-of-field is shown for a case without and with Scheimpflug angle correction respectively.

The overlapping field-of-view at the (not shown) light sheet.

The depth-of-field for a case without Scheimpflug angle correction.

The depth-of-field with Scheimpflug angle correction applied.

With ISA, you can thus simulate different setups and find the best one, rather than discover by trial-and-error in the lab what will work.