Dantec Dynamics’ submersible Stereo PIV system installed on a towing tank facility at QinetiQ Haslar, United Kingdom

Underwater view of the Stereo PIV probe and flow illuminated by a laser sheet. ©Dantec Dynamics

We are happy to announce the successful installation of a submersible stereo Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) system on QinetiQ Haslar’s towing tank facility. The system features two 26 megapixel cameras that allow for unprecedented spatial resolution while performing measurements over a large field-of-view. This highly configurable system allows for velocity measurements close to the surface as well as at depths down to 2.5 meters and speeds of up to 6 m/s. Symmetric; asymmetric Stereo PIV probe configurations, a high-accuracy traversing system; automated calibration; dedicated seeding system are additional features of this world-class facility.

The performance of the entire system was checked against towing speeds and against measurements around a flat plate described in the ITTC guideline on Best Practises for the Application of PIV/SPIV in Towing Tanks and Cavitation Tunnels. We are proud to report that the accuracy of the measured velocities during the most difficult measurements was on average 99.5% of the expected result.

Commissioning Measurements of Wake
Instantaneous results from the ITTC based commissioning measurements of a wake behind a flat plate. ©Dantec Dynamics
submersible Stereo PIV system System in Assymetric Configuration
SPIV system in surface asymmetric configuration. Laser is on the top while two cameras and laser sheet optic is in a torpedo shaped probe. ©Dantec Dynamics

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