Dantec Dynamics’ submersible 3D LDA system used for research into marine renewable energy at IFREMER, Boulogne-sur-Mer in France

Dantec Dynamics successfully installed a submersible 3D LDA system on the IFREMER’s wave-current circulation flume tank. The knowledge of the three components of flow characteristics is essential to study the behaviour of marine structures that are strongly governed by the turbulence encountered in the environment that conditions the exchange of energies at the micro and macroscopic scales. One of the applications is to study marine renewable energy converters, including water flows around underwater turbines.

submersible 3D LDA system

The system comprises a streamlined underwater 3D LDA probe on a strut for measurements at depths up to 2.4 meters, three 1 W lasers, a Burst Spectrum Analyzer with associated BSA Flow Software, and a 2D traverse (span-wise and vertical movement).

Thanks to our long track record in delivering submersible LDA and PIV systems, the installation in December 2019 was smooth, and the system has already been used to map the flow quality of the flume tank.

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