Volumetric Illumination

For Volumetric Velocimetry and Tomographic Particle Tracking Velocimetry

Volume Illumination Optics with aspect ratios (height to width) of 1:1, 1:2, and 1:5 are available, covering almost any flow illumination application. They can be directly mounted on a laser head without any additional benches.

Together with compact DualPower lasers or even smaller RayPower lasers, illuminating a volume becomes easy. The intensity distribution within the illuminated volume is homogeneous and independent of the laser beam profile.

LED array for large scale illumination

The Volume Illumination LED Array

The Volume Illumination LED Array consisting of 5×15 LEDs is a powerful device for illumination of large volumes. It can compete against lasers as an illumination source for Volumetric Velocimetry.
It is eye-safe and applicable for high-speed cameras as well as for double pulsed systems.

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