Support & eLearning

Figure 1 – Dantec Dynamics‘ eLearning, support & service network.

We are committed to providing full customer support for all of our Digital Image Correlation (DIC) systems that we manufacture. We will always support and assist users in the operation of our DIC systems with your respective measurement application via the following six mediums.

Figure 2 – Dantec Dynamics eLearning Platform

Dantec Dynamics has the approach that training and support need to be available to anyone, anytime, and anywhere for both current and prospective users alike.

As such, we have created our very own eLearning Platform @

Users can access user training material, Istra4D software, demonstration data, application scripts, and HW service modules, all free of charge from one platform. To ask to be enrolled in Dantec Dynamics‘ eLearning platform, please contact your local Dantec Dynamics representative. You will receive a user ID and password, so you can get all the latest material and resources to start measuring using DIC & Istra4D!

Figure 3 – Overview of available modules in eLearning for prospective and current customers

The DIC Basic User Training Course 1.0 has been developed and compiled by experienced application engineers at Dantec Dynamics for the instruction and tuition of new (beginner) users in the; basic theoretical aspects of Digital Image Correlation (DIC), practical application use of Dantec Dynamics‘ DIC systems, such as the EduDIC or FlexDIC system for simple, quasi-static testing, and instruction in the operation of the Istra4D software.
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Figure 4 – Part 1 of the DIC Basic User Training Course on eLearning
Figure 5 Istra4D V4.10 download from the Software Download Module on eLearning

The Software Download Module is available to both current and also prospective users of Dantec Dynamics. The module comes complete with Istra4D V4.9 software installation files & guides, a demonstration visualization license, and demonstration data. The SW Download Module is intended for users to install Istra4D without operating any cameras or hardware from Dantec Dynamics. Try Istra4D out for your PC today!

Figure 6 – Overview of application module available from the Istra4D DIC App. Modules Library 5.0 on eLearning

The Istra4D DIC Application Module Library V5 is a (free-of-charge) scripting module database with standardized guides for the operation of applications in Istra4D. Dantec Dynamics’s Istra4D DIC software allows the use of post-processing modules based on application-specific data for user applications. The Applications Module Library 5.0 includes the following modules; materials testing, point tracking, IR camera analysis, fracture mechanics, thermal chip analysis, forming limit curve (FLC), vibration analysis (ODS, OMA & EMA), and also an FEA Validation tool!