PC & Hardware components

Figure 1 – DSM 25022: DAQ & Triggering Controller

The data acquisition (DAQ) & triggering controller consists of an internal 16-bit A/D converter with a max sampling rate of 250 kS/s. Featuring 8x analog inputs, the DAQ controller can be used to attach an array of measurement instruments including; load cells, LVDTs, strain gauges, and point & temperature sensors. Not to mention, 2x analog outputs are also included that allow real-time, online DIC measurements to be exported from Istra4D to an external material testing machine controller. The DAQ & triggering controller also includes trigger inputs that allow recording procedures to be started and signals from external sources to be read-in & synchronized.

Figure 2 – Laptop PC & Tower PC 1A

Dantec Dynamics has a wide portfolio of standardized PCs and hardware components. Whether a laptop PC or tower PC is required, we can offer the best solution for; portability, triggering, camera type, and multicamera connection capability. Digital Image Correlation (DIC) systems may be triggered in Master-Slave mode (for USB3 and GigE cameras) or via a data acquisition (DAQ) & triggering controller (for USB3, GiGE, 10GigE, CXP-12, and HSPeedDIC cameras). Up to four USB3 or GigE cameras may be operated using our standard, high-performance laptop PC. Alternatively, up to 16 cameras may be operated using our high-performance, single-processor tower PC.

Figure 3 – Network Cards & FrameGrabbers

An array of network cards and framegrabbers are available with our tower PC portfolio. Depending on the type of camera (i.e. GigE, USB3, 10GigE, and CXP-12) and the number of cameras required for connection, the tower PC type and the number of network cards & frame grabbers can be easily configured for any FlexDIC, MulticamDIC, MSpeedDIC, and HSpeedDIC system.   

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