Laser Shearography User Training

The many advantages of online education are well-known. Travel and tuition costs associated with conventional training are reduced through the ability to gain full, remote access to educational resources and documentation anytime, anywhere. Users can be completely flexible with the allocation and planning of learning time to fit around work schedules. At Dantec Dynamics‘, we recognize the benefits of eLearning as a fundametal assest to our business strategy, so we have developed our own eLearning platform. We are therefore pleased to announce the release of the Laser Shearography User Application Training Module 1.0!

Whether you are a current or prospective user of a Dantec Dynamics‘ Laser Shearography system, you can get full access to this user application training course, free-of-charge. The eLearning course is provided on our eLearning platform and consists of four learning modules, complete with documentation, videos, tutorials, charts and quizzes. Successful applicants can also download, upon completion, a certificate of achievement.

Part 1: Introduction to Laser Shearography

  • Basics of Laser Shearography,
  • Laser interferometry,
  • Laser speckle,
  • Phase differences, and
  • Fringes

Part 2: Laser Shearography and NDT

  • Material Testing & NDT,
  • Certification & Training, and
  • Standard Practices

Part 3: the Measurement Process (I)

  • Measurement Process Overview
  • Minimum Defect Size/Minimum FoV
  • Lens Selection
  • Brightness
  • Region-of-Interest (RoI)
  • Filter Settings
  • Projection
  • Resolution

Part 4: the Measurement Process (II)

  • Shearing
  • Loading
  • Measurement
  • Evaluation, and
  • Reporting

To ask to be enrolled in the Laser Shearography Basic User Training Course 1.0, please contact your local Dantec Dynamics‘ representative.

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