Laser safety

Laser protective eyewear
Eye protection against hazardous laser light is essential for your safety. We offer two kinds of protection: protection goggles that completely block the wavelengths of the laser(s) in use, and alignment goggles that allow a tiny fraction of the laser light to be seen, enough to be able to align a system.
Protective eyewear reduces the risk of accidents, but it is still your own responsibility to observe the safety rules of your organization in order to minimize the risk.
The EN207 standard deals with protection goggles and is for visible as well as invisible wavelengths. It requires the goggles to survive a direct hit for 5 seconds without burning through or making splinters on the inner side (towards the eye).
The EN208 standard deals with alignment goggles and covers wavelengths from 400 to 700 nm.
All our laser protective eyewear is compliant with either EN207 or EN208.

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