Illumination Systems

Dantec Dynamics has a large portfolio of illumination solutions for Digital Image Correlation (DIC) systems that differ according to; illuminance optical output, colour wavelength, and illumination triggering mode. The selection of the most appropriate illumination system for a materials testing application is dependant on the; required acquisition frame rate, minimum (usable) shutter time, distance-to-object (DtO), speckle contrast, and test temperature.

SXR -LED Illumination System with X-Illumination Controller

The XR- and XB-LED Illlumination Systems are adaptable, continuous (constant) & strobe illumination systems for the FlexDIC, MulticamDIC, MSpeedDIC, or ThermechDIC systems with any low or medium-speed applications. The unit is available in photo-red or blue wavelength and incorporates a powerful 36 LED-array that provides a flicker-free, medium-intensity light (12,600 lumens).

XR-/XB-LED Illumination System

Multi-system functionality can be achieved using the (optional) X-Illumination Controller, which allows up to 8x XR, XB, SXR, or SXB-LED illumination systems to be connected. Each connected unit can be operated independently or together in unison, in either;  continuous (constant) or in strobe (pulsed) triggered mode.

SXR-/SXG-LED Illumination System

The SXR- and SXB-LED Illumination Systems are high-powered, continuous (constant) & strobe illumination systems for the MSpeedDIC or HSpeedDIC systems with any medium or high-speed (fatigue or dynamic) applications. The unit is available in photo-red or blue wavelength and incorporates an ultra-powerful 52 LED-array that provides a flicker-free, high-intensity illumination (20,800 lumens).

The LED Illumination Systemis an easy-to-use, adaptable, constant (continuous) illumination system for the EduDIC system for any low-speed (quasi-static) applications. Consisting of a 156 white-light LED array, the LED Illumination System provides a flicker-free, low-intensity light that can be switched to various cool (3200°K) to warm (5600°K) colour-temperature settings (6,240 lumens). The system also features a dimmer whereby the intensity can be adjusted from 10% to 100%.

LED Illumination System
Illumination solutions portfolio

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