Hot-wire Systems


Dantec Dynamics has developed and manufactured Constant Temperature Anemometers for nearly 40 years. Probes and anemometers have been designed for perfect matching.

The latest anemometer development from Dantec Dynamics is the StreamLine system, type 90CN10/C10, which represents a totally new concept with automatic probe setup and execution of experiments. It is a high-performance, multi-channel anemometer whose hardware is controlled from a PC through the StreamWare application software running under Windows. The software sets up the anemometer modules, performs velocity and directional calibrations and provides an experiment platform, where automatic sequences of hardware setup, traverses, data acquisitions and data reductions can be carried out. A built-in Project manager provides full documentation of all measurement procedures and results.

The StreamLine system can be used with wire and film probes, Dantec Dynamics standard as well as custom-designed probes, in any combination of probes for one-, two- and three-dimensional flows. The system can also be used in combination with other transducers or instruments for parameters other than fluid velocity.

Calibration unit

The StreamLine system includes a Calibration unit, type 90H01/H02, for velocity calibration of probes for air. It connects to a pressurized air supply and creates a highly stable free jet of very low turbulence, normally below 0.2%. The velocity can be adjusted to any velocity from a few cm/s up to Mach 1 utilizing three different nozzles. The calibration unit is operated from the StreamWare application software and can provide fully automatic calibrations. The calibration unit can be used with other gases than air. Directional calibrations can also be performed using a rotating holder that allows probes to be placed in any angular position with respect to the flow.

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