High-Speed Cameras

SpeedSense cameras
Figure 1 – SpeedSense cameras

High-speed cameras allow users to capture a series of measurement images within milliseconds allowing fast, dynamic & transient measurements to be captured. Material testing applications, such as high-strain rate, impact, drop, ballistic, (split-) Hopkinson bar, and (high-frequency) vibration analysis can all be performed using high-speed cameras

High-speed cameras are triggered in burst-mode, whereby a triggered event initiates a rapid (or burst) imaging acquisition series. Data is acquired and sent directly to an internal (onboard) storage medium on the camera. The number of storable frames, which is dependent on the memory size available, determines the duration of the recorded event which is usually from 2 to 12 seconds.

Overview of the SpeedSense camera performance attributes
Figure 2 – an overview of the SpeedSense camera performance attributes

Dantec Dynamics’ portfolio of high-speed, SpeedSense cameras allows users to achieve resolutions from 1 to 4 Mpx with frame rates from 500 to 40,000 Hz/fps. All SpeedSense cameras may be used directly within the live acquisition mode of Istra4D.

Up to 4 high-speed, SpeedSense cameras are supported within the live acquisition mode for multicamera testing applications. Istra4D also supports images acquired from external cameras in that images may be imported directly into Istra4D for post-processing & analysis.

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