FiberFlow components

image of LDA FiberFlow probes
FiberFlow probes come in four sizes, with diameters 14, 27, 60 and 112 mm

Today’s FiberFlow systems include the following components:

  • Laser/transmitter to deliver two laser beams to the transmission fibers of the probe. One beam is frequency shifted 40 MHz to allow for the measurement of 0 velocity and flow reversals. Laser powers from 100 mW to 1 W are available. At each power level, three wavelengths are available for 3D systems.
  • Probes in diameters 14, 27, 60 and 112 mm, to fit to the available space at the experiment. Larger diameter enables longer measurement distance.
  • Front optics for the probes. Front optics include front lenses, beam translator modules and beam expanders.
  • Probe supports and benches for mounting and aligning probes to the experiment, and to establish perfectly overlapping measurement volumes in 3D systems with 2 probes.

Hybrid FiberFlow/ FlowExplorer system

A FiberFlow probe connected to a FlowExplorer DPSS

A Flowexplorer optical unit can be used as the laser source for a FiberFlow probe, using an adapter. In this case, on beam in each beam pair is frequency shifted 80 MHz, and laser powers from 100 mW to 500 mW are available. See the page about FlowExplorer systems for details.

Replacement of Ar-Ion laser in Legacy FiberFlow systems

image of DopplerPower
A legacy FiberFlow system with a DopplerPower DPSS laser

Older systems include a separate laser and transmitter on a bench.

Argon-Ion lasers can be replaced by the much compacter and less power consuming Diode-Pumped Solid State (DPSS) lasers.

DopplerPower is a DPSS laser with 2 x 1 W at 488 and 515 nm, ideal to replace a 5 W Ar-Ion laser in a 2D FiberFlow setup. With the same power in both lines, the DopplerPower ensures similar signal quality and data rate in both velocity channels, yielding a higher coincidence rate of the raw data.

The DopplerPower only needs single phase power and no water cooling. The dimensions and weight are much lower than for a comparable Ar-Ion laser. The DopplerPower comes with bench fittings to allow for replacement of an Ar-Ion laser without any additional parts.

Key benefits

  • Compact, air-cooled, low noise
  • Replaces Ar-Ion laser
  • No additional optical parts required
  • Same power in two wavelengths – can be controlled by software
  • Lower operating cost due to low power consumption
  • Single-phase power supply

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