FEA Validation

Dantec Dynamics has a free plugin into AnsysTM for direct FEA validation. The AnsysTM workbench plugin, known as the FEA Validation Tool, is a free-of-charge plugin that allows users the possibility to import measurement data from an Istra4D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system into AnsysTM for validation against FEA results. Users must have AnsysTM MechanicalTM installed and operational on a PC. The FEA Validation Tool can be downloaded via the Dantec Dynamics’ eLearning platform from the Istra4D DIC App. Modules Library.

Figure 1 – DIC vs. FEM comparison

Upon a successful installation of the FEA Validation tool, the following will appear:
a toolbar extension with two buttons [New Project] and [Import Data], and a new main pop-down menu item “Dantec Dynamics” [New Project] à creates a New Project Template with all blocks completely filled with data & parameters based on a DEFAULT “Test Case 1” workbench scenario. Users can further, easily modify & adapt the workbench based on the application.

The FEA Validation Tool is not just used for displacement and strain comparison, but also used as an input for materials characterization profiles & data. This information assists engineers in electronic packaging design and reliability & simulation (aka. product life prediction) testing. Measured results obtained from the ThermechDIC, such as the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), warpage, Glass Transition Temperature (Tg), Young’s Modulus (E), and Poisson’s Ratio, can be transferred into AnsysTM simulation tools, such as AnsysTM MechanicalTM and/or AnsysTM SherlockTM.