DynamicStudio for Planar and Tomographic PIV and PTV

DynamicStudio for Planar and Tomographic PIV and PTV. Von Karman vortex street
Von Karman vortex street (data courtesy of VKI, Belgium)

We offer software for both planar PIV and PTV as well as Volumetric or Tomographic PIV and PTV.
DynamicStudio’s Add-ons for planar PIV provide analysis methods to generate flow fields, vector derivatives, statistics and pressure distributions. Multiple PIV algorithms are available. The algorithms and analysis methods can be applied on images acquired in large scale (m2) down to micro-scale flow applications. The software includes numerous advanced tools that simplify and guide the user through the measurement and analysis procedures.

Dynamic Masking help analyze data with static or moving objects in the flow field. Wall windowing enhance the spatial resolution in boundary layer measurements.

The DynamicStudio Add-ons for high seeding density 4D-PTV and PIV include Lagrangian Particle Tracking as well as Least Squares Matching analysis for velocity fields in high resolution regular grids.

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