DynamicStudio Pressure from PIV add-on

Pressure field computed from PIV velocity map in collaboration with von Karman Institute, Brussels, Belgium

The Pressure from PIV Add-on calculates time-resolved and averaged pressure fields using an explicit Poisson equation solver.

It computes pressure scalar fields from PIV velocity vector fields. With a simplified implemented UI, the process is seemlessly performed like any other DynamicStudio analysis method. Results are presented to the user as scalar fields, for quick visualization or post-treatment together with other available data.

The pressure field is estimated using a Poisson equation solver in a Eulerian frame of reference. The solver requires basic information about the fluid properties and boundary conditions, which must be initially provided by the user. If required, the solver can handle complex geometries, walls and/or obstructions in the flow, making it suitable for a broad range of applications; from the narrow and small scales of µPIV measurements, to the large and turbulent high-speed flows.

This tool is suited for application in either averaged or time-resolved PIV data, which can be laminar or turbulent. The main assumptions to compute the pressure fields are that the flow is incompressible, mainly 2D planar and with constant fluid properties (viscosity and density).

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