DynamicStudio Planar PIV Software

DynamicStudio’s Add-ons for planar PIV provide a large variety of analysis methods to generate flow fields, vector derivatives, statistics, and energy-based flow decomposition. Multiple PIV algorithms are available.

The algorithms and analysis methods can be applied on images acquired in large scale (m2) down to micro-scale flow applications. The software includes numerous advanced tools that simplify and guide the user through the measurement and analysis procedures.

For PIV velocity data, uncertainty estimation is done based on particle disparity and correlation peak height ratio.

The data acquisition rate and time between mages (Delta t) can be varied over time to match e.g. an accelerating flow.

Dynamic Masking help analyze data with static or moving objects in the flow field. Wall windowing enhance the spatial resolution in boundary layer measurements.

Pressure field computed from PIV velocity map (in collaboration with von Karman Institute, Brussels, Belgium
A simulation of a Stereo PIV setup performed using the Imaging Setup Assistant.
A simulation of a Stereo PIV setup performed using the Imaging Setup Assistant. The measurement plane, light sheet, is inside a water tank. The optical path, including the refraction of light, and the depth of field are visualized.
  • Adaptive PIV for easy, precise and fast planar PIV data analysis
  • Uncertainty estimation and propagation compute the uncertainty of each vector and can propagate it into velocity derivatives
  • Pressure from PIV Add-on which derives pressures from velocity fields
Dynamic masking examples.

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