DynamicStudio Combustion LIF add-on

DynamicStudio Combustion LIF  Add on
OH distribution in a Bunsen type flame, including a cross-section intensity plot and the result of gradient detection showing the main reaction zone.

The DynamicStudio Combustion LIF Add-on features an advanced plug-and-play based distributed system, making it easy for the user to get full control over the hardware for image acquisition. Data acquisition as well as analysis is supported within the same software, so there is no need to export the data for continuing with the analysis. With easy access to numerous numerical methods and quick and accurate calibration and processing methods, users will experience the benefits of working with a truly integrated solution. Numerical methods available with the software:

• Calibration (Tracers)
• Processing (Tracers)
• Statistics on LIF images and scalar maps
• Re-sampling
• Reynolds flux

The software features many automated options such as laser pulse energy correction (on each individual LIF image), hardware calibration and processing routines.

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