DynamicStudio Base Package

Overview of DynamicStudio modules
Overview of DynamicStudio modules. You can combine these to measure multiple parameters at the same time.

A complete software platform designed to support a wide range of imaging measurements within fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, microfluidics, spray/particle analysis, mixing and combustion diagnostics, and flow visualization.

Plug and play support of 100+ camera models and 25+ lasers ensure a high degree of compatibility even with systems from other vendors.

The software provides full documentation of the experiment in a database; settings, parameters, notes etc., avoiding the need to export or import data.

The Acquisition Manager provides automated calibration, measurement and data analysis possibilities.

Semi-Automatic Camera Calibration to assure high quality images.

The Image Processing Library is used for advanced pre-processing, to ensure the best image quality for subsequent data analysis.

DynamicStudio makes full use of 64 bit Windows operating systems to handle large amounts of data and RAM, and provides fast and efficient processing using multithreading, distributed analysis and GPU.

Wizards and assistance tools guide the user to configure the hardware setup and optimize the image acquisition parameters.

Advanced tools for final analysis and visualization of results are available. The modular concept includes many add-ons so that system functionality can be tailored to current needs while also allowing expansion to meet future measurement requirements.

Cable Connection wizard
Dynamic timing and cabling diagrams and predefined device libraries are included in the software. These assist the user when configuring the system and give suggestions on how to connect the cables to the hardware.

Cable connection wizard for DynamicStudio
Cable Connection wizard

Automated measurements
With the Acquisition Manager, you can set up a series of measurements each with different settings (e.g. traversing position, laser pulse separation or frame rate). This automatically controls attached devices such as cameras, lasers, and traversing systems.

Maximum frame rate with distributed acquisition
DynamicStudio supports combinations of different devices enabling multi-parameter measurements, such as Stereo-PIV combined with LIF. The software architecture also handles:

  • Full frame rate on all cameras in multi-camera set-ups such as stereo PIV or Volumetric Velocimetry, LIF, or large area applications with image stitching
  • Long measurement series – each PC has storage capacity for the camera connected to it
  • Remote control – the image acquisition system and the control PC can be placed at separate locations
  • Scalable performance – number of cameras, or storage capacity easily upgraded by adding PCs Different camera types can be combined
  • Different camera types can be combined
Distributed acquisition in Volumetric Velocimetry measurements using 4 cameras and multiple agents for higher performance
Distributed acquisition in Volumetric Velocimetry measurements using 4 cameras and multiple agents for higher performance

Fast data access with distributed database
Data can be stored on separate PCs on a network and accessed from a central master PC. The master database keeps track of the distribution of the data. State-of-the-art database tools provide these advantages:

  • Capacity to store thousands of images required for good statistics or long time series
  • Simple and robust data management
  • All set-up parameters for each experiment are stored
  • Complete documentation of hardware and data processing parameters

Fast results with distributed analysis
The distributed architecture is very powerful for data analysis: you can use the full computing power of an entire network to analyze the data. This has several advantages:

  • You can control the process from a single master PC
  • Reduction of data processing time by parallel computing
  • Reduction of data transfer time by processing the data on the PC that stored the data

The DynamicStudio Base Package is used with all these imaging techniques:

Planar PIV

Volumetric Velocimetry

Flow Visualization

Shadow Sizing

Combustion Diagnostics

Data Sheets and Literature


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