BSA Flow Software

BSA Flow Software is Windows-based, easy to use, and features the most complete and comprehensive interface for velocity (Laser Doppler Anemometry, LDA) and particle size (Particle Dynamics Analysis, PDA) measurement systems. The software is an integral part of our LDA and PDA systems using BSA F/P signal processors. The modular design of the software provides the user with many add-ons so that the system functionality can be enhanced to meet your measurement needs now and in the future.

BSA Flow Software features:

  • Workflow User Interface (UI): system configuration, acquisition and data analysis
  • Real-time display of Doppler signals, data rate and validation for optimizing the setup
  • Run Online mode for visualizing the flow conditions in real-time
  • Statistical acquisition stop criteria save data collection time without compromising data quality
  • Complete data analysis flexibility via seamless interface to third party software tools
  • Automatic report generator provides fast, smart export of acquired data and plots
  • End-results including all plots and histograms displayed on-line as data is collected
  • Time saving wizards for quick set-up of processor and calibrated optical systems

Some of the package’s innovative features are:

Modern ribbon-based Workflow UI

The ribbon-based user interface has tabs for each step in an experiment.

BSA configuration menu

The first step is Configuration, where the hardware is defined (number of velocity components, optical configuration, traverse system etc.) and a traverse mesh can be imported or generated.

BSA software Acquisition menu

The second step is Acquisition, with two modes: Run Online mode and Run Acquisition mode. The online mode allowing to check the end results and fine-tune system settings before doing the data acquisition. You can display the online results either in a time sliding window mode or in a cumulative mode, and you can display moving average results. To speed up the display, decimation of the displayed data can be applied.

BSA software Analysis menu

The third step is Analysis. You can load acquired data, select an analysis method or a plot type based on the type of data acquired in the previous step. You can modify analysis or plot parameters and recalculate data to see the result. For plots based on a single traverse position, you can select the position and step backwards or forward with Previous position and Next position buttons. Plots can be autoscaled depending on the hardware settings and results, or manually scaled.

Work directly in velocity units of your choice

BSA software velocity units

The velocity measurement units can be set in m/s or ft/s. Once selected, these units will be used for both the processor setup as well as plots and exports of the data. The BSA Flow Software automatically accounts for the fringe spacing of the optical system as well as the Bragg shift frequency to achieve operational simplicity for the non-expert user.  

Real time display of Doppler signals

BSA software system monitor

The System Monitor display helps to optimize velocity and sensitivity setting including:

  • Setup and optimization of the LDA system without the need for an oscilloscope
  • A visual check of the burst quality (or the burst spectrum) on the Scope Display
  • Signal quality information: data rate, validation, coincidence and photo-multiplier current bar graphs

User-defined online data analysis

BSA software project explorer

The user can define a data analysis chain, based on pre-defined data processing and presentation objects, intuitively shown as icons in a tree structure. The user’s own algorithms can be applied to the data by means of the Calculation object, the MATLAB® link object or the Scripting object. The entire chain of analysis and presentation objects is updated online during acquisition, thus providing immediate feedback on the measurement quality.

Time-saving statistical stop criteria

BSA software stop critera

Spending just enough time to get the data quality you need reduces the cost of the experiment and provides more data when the experiment time is limited. With BSA Flow Software, the measurement time can be optimized dynamically, based on real-time statistical analysis of the acquired data. Data acquisition stops when the 95% confidence interval of the mean or RMS velocity is below a user-specified percentage.

Compare data

The software provides the ability to simultaneously open different data files which allows for easy comparison of several measurement projects.

Calculation object

The most common arithmetic, trigonometric and logical functions are available from the calculation object included in the basic BSA Flow package.

Reporting tool

Typically, LDA and PDA measurements generate large amounts of data, which are time consuming to document. The BSA Flow Software includes an automatic report function to help you quickly organize and export the results. The user defines the plots and statistics to be included in the report and a PDF or HTML document is generated by the BSA Flow Software.

Optional add-ons

Add-on: Particle Sizing

BSA software PDA count

For particle size measurements, the Particle Dynamics Analysis (PDA) software add-on is required. This module allows the user to measure both particle size and velocity in conjunction with the PDA optical system and BSA P signal processor.

Add-on: Advanced Graphics

BSA software advanced graphics

This add-on includes many of the features typically found only in dedicated data presentation software packages. Some of the most useful elements are:

  • Vector plots of velocity (2 and 3-components) in a plane. Furthermore, a third parameter such as the velocity RMS or particle size can be displayed as a circle on top of the vectors.
  • Profile plots of velocity moments (Mean, RMS, and higher) as well as the calculated confidence interval shown as an “error bar”. Multiple curves/plots can be displayed on the same graph and can be transposed.
  • 3D plotting capability for displaying X-Y-Z relationships between data, such as mean velocity vs. X and Y position. Bar, surface, and contour plots are also available in this format. Linear or thin plate spline interpolation can be applied to the data.

Add-on: Spectrum & Correlation

Includes both classic and advanced Spectrum algorithms. Analyze your temporal data with spectra and correlations including advanced spectrum analysis

Add-on: Cyclic Phenomena

BSA software cyclic plot

To properly analyze LDA/PDA data from rotating machinery or periodic events, the Cyclic Phenomena add-on is required. This module provides phase (or angle) sorting as well as phase averaging of velocity and/or particle size data based on TTL sync pulses from encoders or other devices.

Add-on: Scripting and MATLAB® link

This BSA Flow Software module enables the customization of data acquisition and data analysis. Supported scripted languages include Python, VBScript, JavaScript and .NET code in C#.

Add-on: Advanced Traverse

Control any OEM or proprietary traverse system by BSA Flow Software, using simple serial commands or a National Instruments® LabVIEW® interface. Extend your traverse system up to six axes, independent of your measurement positions.

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