BSA Flow Particle Sizing add-on

image of BSA Flow PDA screenshot

The Particle Sizing Add-on for the BSA Flow Software enables easy set-up of PDA systems and advanced data analysis. The add-on includes system and optical set-up, data acquisition, processing, display, and export of particle size and velocity results.

Key benefits

  • User-defined online analysis of data
  • Immediate feedback on measurement quality via system monitor and phase plot
  • Automatic phase calibration for accurate size data
  • Distribution curves for size and velocity
  • Statistical bias correction of size measurements
  • Calculation of moments, diameter statistics, flux, and concentration

Easy, fast set-up and immediate feedback on PDA measurements

The Particle Sizing add-on includes an optical configuration guide, the addition of a phase (spherical) validation to the system monitor, and graphical tools to optimize the system settings. The software sends the setting parameters to the processor and ensures automatic calibration of the electronics and photomultipliers when needed.

The analysis chain includes histograms and distribution curve fit, mean diameter profile plot (raw and corrected), and vector plot with mean diameter.

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