ComfortSense 3.5 for Windows 10

ComfortSense 3.5  For Windows 10

The ComfortSense 3.5 release now adds support for Windows 10 which allow users to run ComfortSense with the latest Microsoft Windows operating system. The simple installation secures an easy and smooth upgrade procedure with full backward compatibility.

The new release introduces new features like enhanced theming, backup and restore of projects and runs, and import of grids. New customizable themes can be used to change the look of ComfortSense to match individual preferences, however, at the same time also improves the usability on different screen resolutions and sizes. Exchange and protection of data and projects is now much easier using the built-in backup and restore feature. Projects can be stored for backup, but also easily moved from one PC to another directly from ComfortSense. As for import of grids, e.g. complex probe grid positions, these can now be generated using external tools like Excel, and then be imported into ComfortSense.

Registered users under warranty or with a Dantec Dynamic Software Update Agreement can download the latest ComfortSense 3.5 here.