Bridge loading measurement in Ulm, Germany with Digital Image Correlation – DIC

Constructed in 1950, the 96 m long bridge is nearly 70 years old. Upon a recent inspection pre-stressed concrete reinforcements inside the bridge indicated several locations of corrosion and rust build-up.

1. rust 1 Bridge loading measurement

Pre-stressed concrete showing corrosion and rust on the Gänstor bridge

In November, 2018, a comprehensive loading test was completed on the Gänstor Bridge using Dantec Dynamics and a multi-camera Digital Image Correlation (DIC) measurement system. Three cranes up to 48-tonne were driven over the bridge 192 times at various speeds of up to 50 km/hr with some tests requiring a full-braking stop.

5. bridge and measurement drawing with nos

Loading test schematic with a Dantec Dynamics’ DIC measurement system

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