Attractive campaigns on DIC solutions towards year end

DIC solutions

Single DIC system for educational institutions

This campaign is limited to and specifically designed for educational institutions. Our campaign package covers a single DIC system that can replace traditional measurement methods like e.g. Extensometers and Strain Gauges. The DIC system provides a full-field view of the displacements and deformations of a component and shows its complex behavior. The system also easily identifies potential hot spots, even in areas where strain gauges cannot be attached. The DIC solution is used for materials tests such as tensile, compression, 3 and 4 point bend, crack propagation, shear, multiaxial and many more. Our attractive DIC system end-of-year package can be combined with an also attractive upgrade package featuring 3D displacement and strain measurements.

3D DIC system for professional materials & structural testing

This campaign bundle covers a 3D DIC system; a full-field, non-contact optical technique to measure shape, deformation, vibration and strain on almost any material and shape without the limitations of video extensometers and disadvantages of strain gauges. The 3D DIC solution effectively measures tensile testing detecting hot spots in real time. The system resolves the out of plane alignment problem and measures accuracies down to 1µm displacement for smaller areas. Also this end of year package can be combined with an attractive upgrade package featuring 2 additional cameras for double-sided and “around the corner” measurements of complex shapes.

Both campaigns are available in most countries and limited till the year end. The upgrade package campaigns are limited until the end of June 2018.

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