Accurate velocity and directional calibration of generic hotwire probes

We are proud to announce the release of the new Standalone Calibrator software which allows standalone calibration solutions for 3rd party hotwire probes connected to generic thermal anemometers.

The Standalone Calibrator solution for single-sensor hotwire probes consists of the Standalone Calibrator software and the StreamLine Pro Automatic Calibrator. This solution integrates to an existing Laptop or Desktop computer equipped with a NI DAQmx AD board, connected to an existing thermal anemometer and the hotwire probe.

For double- and triple-sensor probes a directional calibration is required in addition to the velocity calibration and in this case the Automatic Directional Calibrator should be included in the solution to provide a repeatable and accurate angular reference.

As a result, it is now possible to provide an accurate velocity and angle refence for generic hotwire probes connected to generic hotwire anemometers. The performance of the entire system of course depends on the individual components.

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