25% off DynamicStudio add-ons

We are happy to announce that we will offer 25% discount till the end of the year for these very useful add-ons to our imaging software DynamicStudio:

  • Pressure from PIV (requires DynamicStudio Base Package and Planar PIV add-on)
  • Dynamic Masking (requires DynamicStudio Base Package)
  • Oscillating Pattern Decomposition (requires DynamicStudio Base Package)

Pressure from PIV

Pressure field in backward facing step flow. Top: time averaged pressure field and streamlines. Bottom: instantaneous pressure field and snapshot. Streamlines represent the flow velocities.

Pressure information can be calculated from both averaged and time-resolved PIV velocity data, which can be laminar or turbulent. The main requirement for accurate estimation of the pressure fields is that the flow is incompressible, mainly 2D planar, and has stable fluid properties (viscosity and density).

The implemented Poisson solver is built using the OpenFOAM® CFD open-source tools(*), which runs seemlessly in the background. Advanced options are available to customize boundary conditions, interpolation schemes or solver techniques, which are openly accessible to any user with knowledge of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) numerical tools.
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Dynamic Masking

Dynamic Masking of bubbles in PIV measurement in a bubbly flow

The Dynamic Masking add-on includes three key elements:

Dynamic masking, a technique that helps improve measurement accuracy in two-phase-flow PIV measurements and arount moving objects. Examples of applications are bubbly flows, where the technique can be used to mask out the moving bubbles in order to measure the flow field around the bubbles. Read more

Phase Boundary Detection, useful for separating phases in two-phase flows, in order to measure the velocities of each phase correctly at the phase boundaries. Uses local Otsu thresholding and image gradient filters. Read more

Rigid Object Tracking and Stabilisation. As the name implies, it can be used to track moving objects, calculate their position, velocity and acceleration, and to stabilize moving objects. Read more

Oscillating Pattern Decomposition

OPD mode in backward facing step (same flow as in the Pressure from PIV section above).

Oscillating Pattern Decomposition (OPD) allows for the investigation of dominant flow structures in a time-resolved (TR) data set. This Add-on is ideal for investigating vortex shedding in shear regions, acoustic- or thermo-acoustic driven vortex formation, and vortex enhancement. OPD can be applied on TR vector- and scalar maps e.g. of the vorticity. Time Resolved (TR)1 snapshots are correlated, and the change of the measured flow field can be established. This enables data analysis in the frequency domain to be performed. The main reason justifying investment in a TR-PIV system is the possibility of frequency- domain analysis of TR-PIV data. OPD software is a dedicated tool for such analysis and therefore an indispensable complement to any TR-PIV system.

 To take advantage of this campaign offer, please contact your local sales representative for further details.